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Comprised of nearly 40 countries, Latin America has a gross domestic product of $1,772 billion dollars per annum. Additionally, it cleared more than 600 billion dollars in imports and exports last year (2001). A rapidly developing infrastructure, growing political stability, increased competition through privatizations, improved service industries, and high growth rates have all aided in stimulating direct investment and trade opportunities to Latin America.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the rate at which the Latin American Internet user base is projected to increase, 75% per year. Because of the speed, flexibility and efficiency the Internet offers, it has become the means for conducting growing numbers of personal and business transactions using the internet.

The internet has opened new markets to developing Latin American countries and has accelerated investment growth in this region.

Morgan & Morgan is fully capable of opening trade channels between countries in Latin America in numerous businesses.

Morgan & Morgan has been instrumental in assisting companies to open new markets in Latin America.

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