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Intellectual Property Protection

In today's global marketplace, it is important and critical for companies to ensure that their brands remain protected around the world. Morgan & Morgan has the capacity to protect companies from trademark infringements.

The protection of your intellectual property rights is a fundamental key for the development of your business. At Morgan & Morgan we are devoted to assist our clients in the protection of their rights.

Our spectrum of action specializes in the protection of Intellectual property rights in Panama, CentralAmerica and the Caribbean

In most Latin American countries Intellectual Property Laws confers discretionary powers and faculties to Customs Bureaus to conduct investigations and retain merchandize, which is suspected to be counterfeit. Including the authority to confiscate the equipment used to manufacture the counterfeited goods. The Attorney General's office and the Customs Bureau are officially empowered to initiate investigations on intellectual property matters.

Morgan & Morgan has the resources to investigate every good that is being imported to or exported from Panama.

Panama's Colon Free Trade Zone has the second largest Free zone in the world. There is approximately 11 billion dollars in products imported and re-exported to the rest of Latin America. This makes Panama a strategic hub to police trademark violations of brands moving from Asia or anywhere in the world to the rest of Central and South America.

For years Morgan & Morgan has assisted clients in preventing counterfeited products from entering markets by re-producing and introducing "false" products. Below is an inquiry form to request our services.

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